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    Click for Immediate Quotation for Geotextiles or Call: +44 7946 404861

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    • MAR10 Geotechnics Ltd is a proven geotechnical company that focuses across several construction areas but specialises
      within retaining structures and who offers a number of available solutions that would be individually applicable to each actual
      project. Structures offered are as follows:

      - Mass Gravity Gabion Walls
      - Earth Retained Wrap Around/ Mesh Panel Walls
      - Earth Retained Segmental Block Walls
      - Earth Retained Concrete Panel Walls
      - Green Faced Vertical Walls
      - ECO-Crib Plastic Crib Walls
      - Superloc Composite Sheet Pile Walls

      All above structured solutions are provided with preliminary designs at no cost.

    • MAR10 Geotechnics Ltd's ethos continues to provide its clients with a unique personal business focus that offers best value
      with a quality product portfolio, backed up by easily accessed technical support and assistance through to the installation phase.
      We are looking to develop long term trusting relationships with our clients, while providing a product range of established proven
      materials and the latest innovations